Memory Read Masked

Reads memory on the target, skipping some locations by applying a mask. Can be used, for example, to prevent reading locations which are implemented as FIFO pointers which are altered by reading them.

Memories can only be accessed when the device is in STOPPED mode.

Table 1. Memory Read Masked Command Format
Field Size Description
CMD_AVR8_MEMORY_READ 1 byte Command ID
Version (0x00) 1 byte Command version
Type 1 byte Memory type to access. For overview of memory types, see Memory Types.
Address 4 bytes Start address (byte address) of memory to access
Bytes 4 bytes Number of bytes to access. Payload restrictions apply.
Mask n/8 bytes

Mask to apply while reading

1 bit per location byte, 0 = skip location, 1 = read location