Application-Specific Use Cases

One important question to address in many applications is the maximum ambient temperature (TA_MAX) the application can run. As discussed earlier, TA_MAX is given by the following equation:

TA_MAX = TJ_Limit – RJ-A x PTOT


For applications requiring TA_MAX lower than 60°C, the SAMA7G54 junction temperature easily remains below the 105°C limit. For TA_MAX greater than 60°C, the operating junction temperature verification is required during the prototyping phase to ensure that the 105°C limit is not exceeded. Measuring the junction temperature also permits to estimate more accurately the device lifetime in real conditions. Refer to the “SAMA7G5 Series Product Lifetime Estimation” application note (see Reference Documents).

In this section, simulated curves show the impact of various parameters (RJ-A, PTOT, time) on the device junction temperature and power dissipation.