Silicon Issue Summary

Erratum is not applicable.
Erratum is applicable.
Peripheral Short Description Valid for Silicon Revision
ATmega48A/PA ATmega88A/PA ATmega168A/PA ATmega328/P
Rev. D (1) Rev. E Rev. F (1) Rev. G Rev. E (1) Rev. L Rev. A Rev. B Rev. D
System Clock and Clock Options Unstable 32 kHz Oscillator - - - - - - X X -
TWI TWI Data Setup Time Can Be Too Short X X X X X X - - X
Analog Comparator Analog MUX Can Be Turned Off When Setting the ACME Bit X X X X X X X X X
  1. 1.This revision is the initial release of the silicon.
The following silicon revisions were never released to production: