The EIC has the following interrupt sources:

Each interrupt source has an associated interrupt flag. The interrupt flag in the Interrupt Flag Status and Clear register (INTFLAG) is set when an interrupt condition occurs (NMIFLAG for NMI). Each interrupt, except NMI, can be individually enabled by setting the corresponding bit in the Interrupt Enable Set register (INTENSET=1), and disabled by setting the corresponding bit in the Interrupt Enable Clear register (INTENCLR=1).

An interrupt request is generated when the interrupt flag is set and the corresponding interrupt is enabled. The interrupt request remains active until the interrupt flag is cleared, the interrupt is disabled, or the EIC is reset. See the INTFLAG register for details on how to clear interrupt flags. The EIC has at least one common interrupt request line for all the interrupt sources, and one interrupt request line for the NMI. The user must read the INTFLAG (or NMIFLAG) register to determine which interrupt condition is present.

Note: Interrupts must be globally enabled for interrupt requests to be generated.