Control A

  0x00 8 PAC Write-Protection, Write-Synchronized 0x00  

Control A

Bit  7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0  
Access                R/W  
Reset                0  

Bit 0 – SWRST: Software Reset

Software Reset

Writing a zero to this bit has no effect.

Setting this bit to 1 will reset all registers in the GCLK to their initial state after a Power Reset, except for generic clocks and associated Generators that have their WRTLOCK bit in PCHCTRLm set to 1.

Refer to GENCTRL Reset Value for details on GENCTRL register reset.

Refer to PCHCTRL Reset Value for details on PCHCTRL register reset.

Due to synchronization, there is a waiting period between setting CTRLA.SWRST and a completed Reset. CTRLA.SWRST and SYNCBUSY.SWRST will both be cleared when the reset is complete.

0 There is no Reset operation ongoing.
1 A Reset operation is ongoing.