Asynchronous Arithmetic Mode BAUD Value Selection

The formula given for fBAUD calculates the average frequency over 65536 fref cycles. Although the BAUD register can be set to any value between 0 and 65536, the actual average frequency of fBAUD over a single frame is more granular. The BAUD register values that will affect the average frequency over a single frame lead to an integer increase in the cycles per frame (CPF)



Table 1 shows the BAUD register value versus baud frequency fBAUD at a serial engine frequency of 48MHz. This assumes a D value of 8 bits and an S value of 2 bits (10 bits, including start and stop bits).

Table 1. BAUD Register Value vs. Baud Frequency
BAUD Register Value Serial Engine CPF fBAUD at 48MHz Serial Engine Frequency (fREF)
0 – 406 160 3MHz
407 – 808 161 2.981MHz
809 – 1205 162 2.963MHz
... ... ...
65206 31775 15.11kHz
65207 31871 15.06kHz
65208 31969 15.01kHz