Start-of-Frame Detection

The USART start-of-frame detector can wake-up the CPU when it detects a Start bit. In Standby Sleep mode, the internal fast start-up oscillator must be selected as the GCLK_SERCOMx_CORE source.

When a 1-to-0 transition is detected on RxD, the 8 MHz Internal Oscillator is powered up and the USART clock is enabled. After start-up, the rest of the data frame can be received, provided that the baud rate is slow enough in relation to the fast start-up internal oscillator start-up time. Refer to the Electrical Characteristics chapters for details. The start-up time of this oscillator varies with supply voltage and temperature.

The USART start-of-frame detection works both in Asynchronous and Synchronous modes. It is enabled by writing ‘1’ to the Start of Frame Detection Enable bit in the Control B register (CTRLB.SFDE).

If the Receive Start Interrupt Enable bit in the Interrupt Enable Set register (INTENSET.RXS) is set, the Receive Start interrupt is generated immediately when a start is detected.

When using start-of-frame detection without the Receive Start interrupt, start detection will force the 8 MHz internal oscillator and USART clock active while the frame is being received. In this case, the CPU will not wake up until the receive complete interrupt is generated.