Interrupt Enable Clear

This register allows the user to disable an interrupt without doing a read-modify-write operation. Changes in this register will also be reflected in the Interrupt Enable Set register (INTENSET).
  0x08 8 PAC Write-Protection, Secure 0x00  

Interrupt Enable Clear

Bit  7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0  
Access                RW/-/RW  
Reset                0  

Bit 0 – ERR: Peripheral Access Error Interrupt Disable

Peripheral Access Error Interrupt Disable

This bit indicates that the Peripheral Access Error Interrupt is enabled and an interrupt request will be generated when one of the interrupt flag registers bits (INTFLAGAHB, INTFLAGn) is set:

Writing a '0' to this bit has no effect.

Writing a '1' to this bit will clear the Peripheral Access Error interrupt Enable bit and disables the corresponding interrupt request.

0 Peripheral Access Error interrupt is disabled.
1 Peripheral Access Error interrupt is enabled.