Window Monitor

The window monitor feature allows the conversion result in the RESULT register to be compared to predefined threshold values. The window mode is selected by setting the Window Monitor Mode bits in the Control C register (CTRLC.WINMODE). Threshold values must be written in the Window Monitor Lower Threshold register (WINLT) and Window Monitor Upper Threshold register (WINUT).

If differential input is selected, the WINLT and WINUT are evaluated as signed values. Otherwise they are evaluated as unsigned values. The significant WINLT and WINUT bits are given by the precision selected in the Conversion Result Resolution bit group in the Control C register (CTRLC.RESSEL). This means that for example in 8-bit mode, only the eight lower bits will be considered. In addition, in differential mode, the eighth bit will be considered as the sign bit, even if the ninth bit is zero.

The INTFLAG.WINMON interrupt flag will be set if the conversion result matches the window monitor condition.