Time-Stamp Capture on Events or I/Os

This feature is enabled when the Capture Time Stamp (STAMP) Event Action in Event Control register (EVCTRL.EVACT) is selected. The counter TOP value must be smaller than MAX.

When a capture event from the Event System or the I/O pin is detected, the COUNT value is copied into the corresponding Channel x Compare/Capture Value (CCx) register. In case of an overflow, the MAX value is copied into the corresponding CCx register.

When a valid captured value is present in the capture channel register, the corresponding Capture Channel x Interrupt Flag (INTFLAG.MCx) is set.

The timer/counter can detect capture overflow of the input capture channels: When a new capture event is detected while the Capture Channel interrupt flag (INTFLAG.MCx) is still set, the new time-stamp will not be stored and INTFLAG.ERR will be set.

Figure 1. Time Stamp