Status A

  0x07 8 - 0x00  

Status A

Bit  7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0  
      WSTATE0[1:0]     STATE1 STATE0  
Access      R R     R R  
Reset      0 0     0 0  

Bits 5:4 – WSTATE0[1:0]: Window 0 Current State

Window 0 Current State

These bits show the current state of the signal if the window 0 mode is enabled.

0x0 ABOVE Signal is above window
0x1 INSIDE Signal is inside window
0x2 BELOW Signal is below window
0x3   Reserved

Bits 0, 1 – STATEx: Comparator x Current State

Comparator x Current State

This bit shows the current state of the output signal from COMPx. STATEx is valid only when STATUSB.READYx is one.