CRC Status

  0x0C 8 PAC Write-Protection 0x00  

CRC Status

Bit  7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0  
              CRCZERO CRCBUSY  
Access              R R/W  
Reset              0 0  

Bit 1 – CRCZERO: CRC Zero

CRC Zero

This bit is cleared when a new CRC source is selected.

This bit is set when the CRC generation is complete and the CRC Checksum is zero.

When running CRC-32 and appending the checksum at the end of the packet (as little endian), the final checksum should be 0x2144df1c, and not zero. However, if the checksum is complemented before it is appended (as little endian) to the data, the final result in the checksum register will be zero. See the description of CRCCHKSUM to read out different versions of the checksum.

Bit 0 – CRCBUSY: CRC Module Busy

CRC Module Busy

This flag is cleared by writing a one to it when used with I/O interface. When used with a DMA channel, the bit is set when the corresponding DMA channel is enabled, and cleared when the corresponding DMA channel is disabled. This register bit cannot be cleared by the application when the CRC is used with a DMA channel.

This bit is set when a source configuration is selected and as long as the source is using the CRC module.