Control A

  0x00 8 PAC Write-Protection, Write-Synchronized 0x00  

Control A

Bit  7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0  
Access    R/W         R/W R/W  
Reset    0         0 0  

Bit 6 – RUNSTDBY: Run in Standby

Run in Standby

This bit is not synchronized

0 The DAC output buffer is disabled in standby sleep mode.
1 The DAC output buffer can be enabled in standby sleep mode.

Bit 1 – ENABLE: Enable DAC Controller

Enable DAC Controller

Due to synchronization there is delay from writing CTRLA.ENABLE until the peripheral is enabled/disabled. The value written to CTRLA.ENABLE will read back immediately and the corresponding bit in the Synchronization Busy register (SYNCBUSY.ENABLE) will be set. SYNCBUSY.ENABLE will be cleared when the operation is complete.

0 The peripheral is disabled or being disabled.
1 The peripheral is enabled or being enabled.

Bit 0 – SWRST: Software Reset

Software Reset

Writing '0' to this bit has no effect.

Writing '1' to this bit resets all registers in the DAC to their initial state, and the DAC will be disabled.

Writing a '1' to CTRLA.SWRST will always take precedence, meaning that all other writes in the same write-operation will be discarded.

Due to synchronization there is a delay from writing CTRLA.SWRST until the reset is complete. CTRLA.SWRST and SYNCBUSY.SWRST will both be cleared when the reset is complete.

0 There is no reset operation ongoing.
1 The reset operation is ongoing.