SAM L10/L11 devices embed 4 KB, 8 KB, or 16 KB of internal SRAM mapped at address 0x2000 0000.

Table 1. SRAM Memory Parameters
Device Memory Size [KB]
SAM L11x16 / SAM L10x16 (1) 16
SAM L11x15 / SAM L10x15 (1) 8
SAM L11x14 (1) 8
SAM L10x14 (1) 4
  1. 1.x = E or D.

SRAM is composed of 4KB sub-blocks which can be retained or not in STANDBY Low-Power mode to optimize power consumption.

By default, all sub-blocks are retained, but it is possible to switch them off using the Power Manager (PM).

SRAM retention is guaranteed for Watchog, External and System Reset resets. However, the two first 2kB of SRAM are reset by the Boot ROM.
Important: SRAM retention is not guaranteed after Power Supply Resets (POR, BOD12 and BOD33).