Publishing Content

When a block is published, Libero exports the <design>.cxz file to the <project folder>/designer/<design_block_name>/export folder. The <design>.cxz file is a zip file that contains the files listed in the table:

Table 1. Contents of the design.cxz Zip File
File Description
<design_block_name>_syn.v | <design_block_name>_syn.vhd Timing shell file passed to the Synthesis tools when the top-level design is synthesized. The block is marked and treated as a black box when the top-level design is synthesized.
<design_block_name>_sim.v | <design_block_name>_sim.vhd Structural HDL netlist for post-synthesis simulation of the block.
header_report.log Log file that contains header information on what and how a block is published including the options you selected to configure the publication.
<design_block_name>_compile_netlist_resources.xml Compile report that details resource usage, device information, and a list of high-fanout nets.
<design_block_name>_gp_report.xml Global Place and Route report.
<design_block_name>_compile_netlist_combinational_loops.xml Combinational Loops report.
<design>.cdb Internal proprietary file contains the optimized netlist, Place and Route, or the timing constraint information.
<design_block_name>.sdc Contains the SDC constraints for the block to be used for Timing Verifications.
<design_block_name>.cxz The published block. You can move it to another folder, transfer it to other team members, and so on. This file is imported into the top-level design when you want to instantiate the block.