Adding Selected Objects to a Cone

Design objects such as port, nets, and instances can be added to a logical cone.

To add design objects to a logical cone:
  1. 1.Make sure the cone to which you want to add design objects is the Target Cone. Only one cone can be active at a time.
  2. 2.In Netlist Viewer or a Logical Cone view, select the instance, pin, or net to add to the logical cone.
  3. 3.From the Netlist Viewer/Logical Cone view, choose Add to Target Cone > Selection.
Note: When an instance is added to a logical cones, all the lower levels of hierarchy, if any, of the instance are included in the logical cone. The instance in the cone can be expanded in place (by clicking the “+” sign) or folded/collapsed (by clicking the “-” sign).
Figure 1. Adding Design Objects to Active Logical Cone