Supported CCCs

The following I3C Common Command Codes (CCC) are supported:

Table 1. List of Supported Common Command Codes (CCC)
Common Command Code (CCC) Type Value Brief Description
ENEC Enable Events Command Broadcast 0x00 Enable Target event commands (I3CxEC)
Direct 0x80
DISEC Disable Events Command Broadcast 0x01 Disable Target event commands (I3CxEC)
Direct 0x81
ENTDAA Enter Dynamic Address Assignment Broadcast 0x07 Enter Controller initiation of Target Dynamic Address Assignment
RSTDAA Reset Dynamic Address Assignment Broadcast 0x06 Discard current Dynamic Address and wait for new assignment
Direct 0x86
SETNEWDA Set New Dynamic Address Direct 0x88 Controller assigns new Dynamic Address to a Target
GETPID Get Provisional ID Direct 0x8D Get Target’s Provisional ID (I3CxPID0 through I3CxPID5)
GETDCR Get Device Characteristics Register Direct 0x8F Get Target’s Device Characteristics Register (I3CxDCR)
GETBCR Get Bus Characteristics Register Direct 0x8E Get Target’s Bus Characteristics Register (I3CxBCR)
GETSTATUS Get Device Status Direct 0x90 Get Target’s operating status (I3CxDSTAT0 and I3CxDSTAT1)
RSTACT Target Reset Action Broadcast 0x2A Configure and query Target Reset action and timing (I3CxRSTACT)
Direct 0x9A
SETMRL Set Maximum Read Length Broadcast 0x0A Controller sets maximum read length in a single command (I3CxMRL)
Direct 0x8A
SETMWL Set Maximum Write Length Broadcast 0x09 Controller sets maximum write length in a single command (I3CxMWL)
Direct 0x89
GETMRL Get Maximum Read Length Direct 0x8C Get Target’s maximum possible read length (I3CxMRL)
GETMWL Get Maximum Write Length Direct 0x8B Get Target’s maximum possible write length (I3CxMWL)
GETMXDS Get Maximum Data Speed Direct 0x94 Controller queries Target’s maximum read and write data speeds (I3CxMRS, I3CxMWS) and maximum read turnaround time (I3CxMRT)