Provisional ID

Each I3C device connected to the I3C bus must be uniquely identifiable to receive a Dynamic Address. For this purpose, the Target module contains a 48-bit Provisional ID available via I3CxPID0 through I3CxPID5 registers. The Controller uses this 48-bit Provisional ID to assign a Dynamic Address to the device. The Controller can also request for this data using the GETPID Common Command Code (CCC).

The Provisional ID is composed of three parts:

The MIPI Manufacturer ID is a two-byte Hexadecimal ID that is assigned by MIPI Alliance, Inc. and is available on the “MIPI Alliance Manufacturer ID Page” at Only the 15 Least Significant bits are used in PID[47:33]. The most significant bit is discarded.

The Provisional ID Type Selector (PID[32]) determines whether PID[31:0] is a Vendor Fixed Value or a Random Value.

If PID[32] = 1, PID[31:0] is a 32-bit value randomly generated by the user software.

If PID[32] = 0, PID[31:0] is a 32-bit Vendor Fixed Value composed of three parts: