PLL Specifications

Table 1.
Standard Operating Conditions (unless otherwise stated)
Param No. Sym. Characteristic Min. Typ. † Max. Units Conditions
PLL01 FPLLIN PLL Input Frequency Range 4 16 MHz  
PLL02 FPLLOUT PLL Output Frequency Range 16 64 MHz (Note 1)
PLL03* FPLLST PLL Lock Time 200 μs  
PLL04* FPLLJIT PLL Output Frequency Stability -0.25 0.25 %  

* These parameters are characterized but not tested.

† Data in “Typ” column is at 3.0V, 25°C unless otherwise stated. These parameters are for design guidance only and are not tested.

  1. 1.The output frequency of the PLL must meet the FOSC requirements listed in Parameter D002.