Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) Accuracy Specifications(1,2)

Table 1.

Standard Operating Conditions (unless otherwise stated)

VDD = 3.0V, TA = 25°C, TAD = 500ns

Param No. Sym. Characteristic Min. Typ. † Max. Units Conditions
AD01 NR Resolution 10 bit  
AD02 EIL Integral Non-Linearity Error ±0.1 LSb ADCREF+ = 3.0V,


AD03 EDL Differential Non-Linearity Error ±0.1 LSb ADCREF+ = 3.0V,


AD04 EOFF Offset Error 0.5 LSb ADCREF+ = 3.0V,


AD05 EGN Gain Error ±0.2 LSb ADCREF+ = 3.0V,


AD06 VADREF ADC Reference Voltage (ADREF+ - ADREF-) 1.8 VDD V  
AD07 VAIN Full-Scale Range ADREF- ADREF+ V  
AD08 ZAIN Recommended Impedance of Analog Voltage Source 1  
AD09 RVREF ADC Voltage Reference Ladder Impedance 50 (Note 3)

* These parameters are characterized but not tested.

† Data in “Typ” column is at 3.0V, 25°C unless otherwise stated. These parameters are for design guidance only and are not tested.

  1. 1.Total Absolute Error is the sum of the offset, gain and integral nonlinearity (INL) errors.
  2. 2.The ADC conversion result never decreases with an increase in the input and has no missing codes.
  3. 3.This is the impedance seen by the VREF pads when the external reference pads are selected.