Error Type TE1

Error Type TE1 occurs when the Target receives an invalid CCC code. When this happens, the Target will be unable to identify the CCC being sent and would be unaware if the Controller enters HDR mode very similar to Error Type TE0.

The Target detects this error by performing a parity check on the T-Bit following the CCC code that is received from the Controller. The TE1ERR bit and the BUSEIF Bus Error Interrupt Flag are set upon successful detection of TE1 type error. Once set, the TE1ERR and BUSEIF bits will not self-clear. The user must clear them in software to re-arm the functionality of each bit individually.

The Target recovers from this error in the same way as it recovers from Error Type TE0 by enabling the HDR Exit Detector and monitoring the SDA and SCL lines for possible SDR mode transfer.