Target Reset Pattern

The Target Reset Pattern is a special in-band pattern using the SDA and SCL lines that the Controller uses to trigger a Reset action in one or multiple targets. The Target Reset Pattern consists of fourteen SDA transitions while SCL is kept low as shown in Figure 1 below. The pattern ends with a Restart followed by a Stop which triggers the actual Reset action. When the Target detects this pattern on the bus, the RSTDET bit is set and a system level I3CxRIF interrupt flag is also set in the respective PIRx register. The RSTDET and I3CxRIF bits once set will not self-clear, the user must clear this bit in software to re-arm.
Important: The RSTDET and I3CxRIF bits will set whenever the Target Reset Pattern is detected on the bus, regardless of whether the Reset action (or inaction) has been configured by the Controller using RSTACT CCC.
Figure 1. Target Reset Pattern