JTAG Programming Using External Microprocessor

An external microprocessor can be used to program the device through the dedicated JTAG interface. This type of programming requires that the external microprocessor run DirectC, a Microchip programming solution for FPGAs, and the microprocessor’s GPIO ports drive the JTAG interface.

Note: The DirectC solution supports programming of the FPGA fabric, sNVM, and user security settings. DirectC is used by adding the necessary APIs and compiling the source code to create a binary executable. The binary executable is downloaded to the external microprocessor along with the programming data file. For more information, see the latest version of the DirectC User Guide available on the Microchip DirectC solution webpage.

Security only bitstream must be programmed only on erased or blank devices. If the security bitstream is used to program a previously programmed FPGA, it disables the FPGA Array. The fabric must be re-programmed to enable it.

The following figure shows a sample implementation of device programming using an external microprocessor running DirectC.

Figure 1. Programming Using External Microprocessor