Configuring Bitstream Components

To configure security settings, and bitstream components such as fabric and sNVM, follow these steps:

In Libero SoC, go to Design Flow > Program Design > Program Design.

  1. 1.Right-click Generate Bitstream, and select Configure Options....
  2. 2.The Configure Bitstream window opens.
  3. 3.Select Custom security, Fabric, and sNVM.
  4. 4.Click OK.
Figure 1. Configure Bitstream Window

To export bitstream files, go to Design Flow > Handoff Design for Production > Export Bitstream.

Note: Security only bitstream must be programmed only on erased or blank devices. If the security bitstream is used to program a previously programmed FPGA, it disables the FPGA Array. The fabric must be re-programmed to enable it.