Multi-Pin Configuration

For faster configuration of the port module, the multi-pin configuration write enables the configuration of several port pins in a single cycle. Especially with large pin count devices, this function can significantly speed up PORT pin configuration operations.

Writing to this register may be followed by a write to either of the Multi-Pin Control (PORTx.PINCTRLUPD/SET/CLR) registers to update the Pin n Control (PORTx.PINnCTRL) registers for PORTx.

This register is mirrored across all PORTx modules.


Bit 7 – INVEN: Inverted I/O Enable

Inverted I/O Enable

This bit controls whether the input and output for pin n are inverted or not.
0 Input and output values are not inverted
1 Input and output values are inverted

Bit 6 – INLVL: Input Level Select

Input Level Select

This bit controls the input voltage threshold for pin n, used for port input reads and interrupt conditions.
0 ST Schmitt Trigger derived from supply level
1 TTL TTL Levels

Bit 3 – PULLUPEN: Pull-Up Enable

Pull-Up Enable

This bit controls whether the internal pull-up of pin n is enabled or not when the pin is configured as input-only.
0 Pull-up disabled
1 Pull-up enabled

Bits 2:0 – ISC[2:0]: Input/Sense Configuration

Input/Sense Configuration

This bit field controls the input and sense configuration of pin n. The sense configuration determines the pin conditions that will trigger a port interrupt.

  1. 1.If the digital input buffer for pin n is disabled, bit n in the Input Value (PORTx.IN) register will not be updated.
  2. 2.The LEVEL interrupt will keep triggering continuously as long as the pin stays low.
0x0 INTDISABLE Interrupt disabled but digital input buffer enabled
0x1 BOTHEDGES Interrupt enabled with sense on both edges
0x2 RISING Interrupt enabled with sense on rising edge
0x3 FALLING Interrupt enabled with sense on falling edge
0x4 INPUT_DISABLE Interrupt and digital input buffer disabled(1)
0x5 LEVEL Interrupt enabled with sense on low level(2)
other Reserved