Write Leveling Training Fail

Possible Reason
Signal integrity issues on CA or DQ lines. When the Write Leveling training fails, a dialog box appears as shown in the following figure.
Figure 1. Write Leveling Training Fail
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Configure any one of the following parameters to a different value using the MSS Configurator when the Write Leveling training fails:
  • Memory CA ODT
  • FPGA ADD/CMD Drive
  • FPGA Vref data (as % of bank vddi)
The following figure shows the configuration of CA ODT in the DDR Memory Initialization tab.
Figure 1. Configuring CA ODT—DDR Memory Initialization Tab
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The following figure shows the configuration of ADD/CMD drive or Vref data in the DDR Controller tab.
Figure 2. Configuring ADD/CMD Drive or Vref Data—DDR Controller Tab