Running the Demo

  1. 1.Install software needed
  2. 2.Unzip project and open in Atmel Studio 7
  3. 3.Ensure that the Target Voltage Selector Header (VCC-SEL) is set to 3.3V and connect the hardware
  4. 4.In Atmel Studio 7, select Debug->Start Debugging and break (Alt + F5)
  5. 5.Start Data Visualizer from Atmel Studio 7, Tools->Data Visualizer
  6. 6.In the Data Visualizer window, open Configuration->External Connections-> Serial Port
    • Select EDBG Virtual COM port (COMxx) in drop down menu
    • No parity
    • 8-bit character size
    • 1 stop bit
    • 1250000 baud-rate
    • Click Connect button
  7. 7.In Data Visualizer window, open Configuration->Utilities-> File Logger
    • Connect the data source from Serial Port Control Panel to Log to File
    • Select RAW as file type
    • Browse and create a file name ending with .psf
    • Click the Start button
  8. 8.Start Tracealyzer 4
    • Go to File-> Live Stream->Settings->PSF Streaming Settings
    • Choose File System in Target Connections, browse and select the file created in previous step, apply and OK
    • Connect and Start Session
  9. 9.In Atmel Studio 7, Continue(F5) debugging
  10. 10.Demo is running and debug data should appear live in Tracealyzer
Figure 1. Atmel Studio view
Figure 2. Tracealyzer view