Normal Clock Stretching

Following an ACK if the R/W bit is set, a read request, the slave hardware will clear CKP. This allows the slave time to update SSPxBUF with data to transfer to the master. If the SEN bit is set, the slave hardware will always stretch the clock after the ACK sequence. Once the slave is ready; CKP is set by software and communication resumes.

  1. 1.The BF bit has no effect on if the clock will be stretched or not. This is different than previous versions of the module that would not stretch the clock, clear CKP, if SSPxBUF was read before the ninth falling edge of SCL.
  2. 2.Previous versions of the module did not stretch the clock for a transmission if SSPxBUF was loaded before the ninth falling edge of SCL. It is now always cleared for read requests.