Board Overview

A brief overview of the default kit configuration, headers, and connectors.

Figure 1. ATmega168PB Xplained Mini Headers and Connectors
Table 1. Default Configurations
Function Default Configuration Other Settings
Kit power source (J300) 5.0V USB powered External input VIN (1)
Target power (J301) 5.0V USB powered 3.3V from the on-board regulator (1)
ATmega168PB clock 16MHz mEDBG clock (2) Internal oscillator (3)

Changing the default settings requires modification of the kit using a soldering iron.

1) Details on how to change the power settings are described in Power Sources.

2) Details on the mEDBG clock are described in Xplained Mini Clock Output.

3) Debugging through debugWIRE may be disabled if the internal oscillator is used.