Board Power Header

The J202 header enables connection to the ATmega168PB Xplained Mini power system.

Table 1. J202 Power Header
J202 Pin Signal Description
1 NC  
2 VCC_TARGET The power source selected for the target (select by J301)
3 RESET_SENSE This is a RESET signal monitored by the mEDBG. If pulled low, the target RESET line will be pulled low by the mEDBG. The ATmega32U4 internal pull-up is enabled. This signal is not available during debugging.
4 VCC_P3V3 The 3.3V regulator output
5 VCC_P5V0 The selected power source (VIN or VBUS selected by J300)
6 GND  
7 GND  
8 VCC_VIN The external power source connection (connected to J300 pin 3)