Electrical and Board Characteristics

This section contains information about the PIC32CXMTSH-DB power supply requirements and consumption. For more details about the power supply system, refer to Power Supply System. Additionally, this section contains a table with the main board characteristics.

Two options are available to power-up the PIC32CXMTSH-DB board:
Table 1. Power Supply Requirements
Electrical Parameter Power Source Value
Input Voltage AC Connectors, J1 and J2 90 – 264 Vac, 47 – 63 Hz
Maximum Input Current AC Connectors, J1 and J2 115 Vac: 110 mA

230 Vac: 70 mA

Input Voltage DC Jack Connector, J3 +12 Vdc
Maximum Input Current DC Jack Connector, J3 18W / 12 Vdc = 1.5A
Table 2. Board Characteristics
Characteristic Specification
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C1
Relative Humidity 0 to 85% (non-condensing)
Board Dimensions 192 mm × 161 mm × 25 mm
RoHS Status RoHS 3 Compliant
China RoHS Status EFUP50
REACH Status REACH Compliant
  1. 1.The DS1 and U1 components of the board may have reduced performance or become damaged even when operating in this temperature range. The operating temperature for DS1 is -25°C to +60°C and U1 is -30°C to +85°C.