Entering Commands Method

Note: Although the MPLAB X IDE can run multiple tools simultaneously, the MDB will run only one tool at a time. However, you can have multiple instances of the MDB running. Refer to Section 1.6 “Using Multiple Instances of the MDB” for details.

Entering commands is a step-by-step method to run a test with MDB. Once the MDB is running, you can start entering commands. Note that while the MDB commands are not case-sensitive, the property options and file names are case-sensitive.

Type help for a list of classes of commands in MDB. Refer to Chapter 2. “MDB Reference”, Table 2-1 “MDB Classes of Commands.”

For other commands available, see Chapter 2. “MDB Reference,” Table 2-2 through Table 2-10.

The following sections describe these topics: