Programming Commands

To display information about the programming commands available in the MDB, type help [programming option]. The following table provides additional information for these commands.

Important: The set command, including the tool property options, must be executed before the Hwtool command is issued, otherwise the changes to the tool properties will be ignored.
Table 1. Programming Commands
Command Description
Program Programs device memory with the image specified by the file.
Note: If the path or filename has spaces in it, you must use the quotation marks. If there are no spaces in the path of filename, the quotation marks are not needed, as shown below.

Command format:

Program executableImageFile

Upload Uploads the executable image to MDB memory.

The source of the instructions to be loaded is the contents of the memory of an attached PIC® device through the programmer or debugger.

Command format:


Dump Writes the device memory to a hex file.

Command format:

Dump [-m] filename

The m is an optional argument that specifies which memories to write to the hex file. It can be any combination of the following:

  • p - Program Memory (Flash)
  • e - EE Data
  • c - Configuration Bits
  • u - User ID memory
  • b - Boot Memory
  • f - Flash Data

The filename is the full path and name to the hex file.