Running Commands

To display information about the running commands available in the MDB, type help running. The following table provides additional information for these commands.

Command Description
Continue Resumes program being debugged, after breakpoint.

Command format:


Halt Stops the debugged program.

Command format:


Next Step program, proceeding through subroutine calls.

Like the “step” command as long as subroutine calls do not happen; when they do, the call is treated as one instruction.

Command format:


Run Start the debugged program.

Command format:


Step Step program until it reaches a different source line.

The step command only enters a function if there is a line number information for the function.

Command format:


Stepi Execute one machine instruction, then stop and return to the debugger.

The optional argument count is a repeat count.

Command format:

Stepi [count]