ATtiny417/817 - DS40001901

Obsolete Publication DS40001901D - 10/2019

Section Changes
Electrical Characteristics
  • Added max./min. characteristics for AC Hysteresis
  • ADC Characteristics:
    • Added duty cycle note for clock frequencies above 1500 kHz
  • PTC Characteristics - Operating Ratings:
    • Removed VDD and CLKPER characteristics
    • Added CLKADC characteristics

Obsolete Publication DS40001901C - 07/2019

Section Changes
  • Editorial updates.
  • Introduction:
    • Added a note for automotive data sheets
    • Changed text to align with all tinyAVR® 0- and 1-series data sheets
  • Retention endurance numbers added
  • Data Sheet Clarification Document chapter added
  • Ordering Information moved
  • I/O Multiplexing and Considerations updated
Configuration and User Fuses
  • RSTPINCFG: Time-out after a system reset when fused to be GPIO explained
BOD - Brown-out Detector
  • Removed levels not characterized by minimum and maximum values
  • Added a note for typical values and reference to electrical characteristics
  • Added a note for alternative WOn pins
  • Clarified One-Wire mode
  • Clarified text about Disabling the Transmitter
  • Reverted 32±6 to 16±3 baud samples in RXMODE bits in CTRLB
  • Clarified functionality for SPI SS pin
  • Removed unsupported BACKGROUND and CONTINUOUS scan functionality
ADC - Analog-to-Digital Converter
  • Added missing calibration register
  • Added a warning for ESD protection
  • GPIO functionality disabled for a period after a system reset, changed from ms to clock cycles
Electrical Characteristics
  • Added a note for Chip Erase in General Operating Ratings
  • Added Electrical Characteristics for PTC
  • Corrected the description for some symbols in I/O Pin Characteristics table
  • Errata moved to ATtiny417/817 Silicon Errata and Data Sheet Clarification Document
Ordering Information
  • Updated with product page links and ordering codes
Product Identification System
  • Updated with Tube and Tray packing media
Package Drawings
  • Updated package drawings to Microchip standard

Obsolete Publication DS40001901B - 07/2017

Section Changes
  • Move ATtiny814 and ATtiny816 to new documents.
  • Editorial updates.
PTC - Peripheral Touch Controller
  • Driven Shield function provided through X/Y pins.
  • QTouch Library usage through Atmel | START.

Obsolete Publication DS40001913A - 04/2017

Section Changes
  • Microchip document style, assigned new document number. Previous version was Atmel document 42721C from 12/2016.
  • PTC signals DS[1:0] removed from Block Diagram, I/O Multiplexing, PTC description - Driven Shield functionality is provided by any regular button signal.
  • Typical Characteristics added.
  • Editorial updates.
  • Editorial updates: peripheral name, clock signals, other.
  • Bit field RXCIF in USART.STATUS register not cleared by writing to it.
  • No DIF for IRCOM Event input.
  • No register SPI.DBGCTRL
  • AC Erratum 2 updated
  • New Errata:
    • AC Erratum 3
    • ADC Erratum 1
    • USART Erratum 1

Obsolete Publication 42721C - 12/2016

Section Changes
Configuration Summary
  • ATtiny417 has no PTC channels.
Pinout, I/O Multiplexing and Considerations
  • TOSC1 is on PB3, TOSC2 is on PB2.
CLKCTRL - Clock Controller
  • Section on calibration drift correction for OSC20M added.
  • Editorial updates.
FUSES - Configuration and User Fuses
  • Reset value of SYSCFG0 is 0xC4.
  • Registers SIGROW.OSCxxERRnV added.
  • Editorial updates.
SLPCTRL - Sleep Controller
  • Editorial updates.
EVSYS - Event System
  • Editorial updates.
VREF - Voltage Reference
  • Editorial updates.
TCA - 16-bit Timer/Counter
  • There is no capture on TCA.
TCB - 16-bit Timer/Counter
  • Combine the content in Asynchronous Output and Synchronous Output into the new section Output.
  • Editorial updates.
RTC - Real-Time Counter
  • Editorial updates.
CRCSCAN - Cyclic Redundancy Check Memory Scan
  • Editorial updates.
ADC - Analog-to-Digital Converter
  • Positions of temperature offset and gain correction in SIGROW swapped.
  • Editorial updates.
Electrical Characteristics
  • OSC20M Characteristics: Editorial updates.
Package Drawings
  • Updated GPC and respective dimensions: 14-pin SOIC150 (SVQ), 20-pin SOIC (SRJ), 20-pin VQFN (ZCL), and 24-pin QFN (ZHA).
    • GPC added to Ordering Information
    • Update package drawings
    • Remove warning about preliminary package dimensions.
  • Section added.

Obsolete Publication 42721B - 11/2016

Section Changes
  • Section Conventions added.
  • Peripheral sections: document structure updated.
  • Presentation of 16-bit registers updated.
  • Editorial updates throughout the document.
  • Updated diagrams, legends.
SYSCFG - System Configuration
  • Content on debugging removed; see UPDI.
  • Moved into section Memories.
I/O Multiplexing and Consideration
  • Signal names updated throughout the document.
  • Invalid registers removed.
CLKCTRL - Clock Controller
  • Bit field in peripherals for clock selection is CLKSEL.
  • CLKCTRL.XOSC32KCTRLA is under Configuration Change Protection.
FUSES - Configuration and User Fuses
  • SIGROW.TCD0CFG[7:4] - bit field names updated.
NVMCTRL - Nonvolatile Memory Controller
  • Flash sections re-organized.
  • Command value expected within four instructions.
SLPCTRL- Sleep Controller
  • Abbreviation SLPCTRL.
  • Behavior of peripherals in sleep modes updated.
CPUINT - CPU Interrupt Controller
  • CPUINT.LVL0PRI has no effect when Round Robin disabled.
EVSYS - Event System
  • CLKCTRL is no event user/generator.
  • Signals EVOUT[2:0] added.
BOD - Brown-out Detector
  • Register at 0x08 is BOD.VLMCTRLA.
TCA - 16-bit Timer/Counter
  • Definitions updated.
  • TCA clock is CLK_PER.
TCB- 16-bit Timer/Counter
  • Definitions updated.
  • Compare/Capture register is called TCB.CCMP.
TCD - 12-bit Timer/Counter
  • Input mode names updated.
RTC - Real-Time Counter
  • Runs in Idle sleep mode, and in Standby sleep mode if RUNSDTBY=1.
  • RTC.CLKSEL: Bit field renamed CLKSEL.
  • Name pattern for Busy flags in RTC.STATUS is 'xxxBUSY'.
  • Invalid bit fields removed.
USART - Universal Synchronous and Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter
  • Clock source is CLK_PER.
  • USART.RXDATA is read-only.
  • RXCIF and DREIF in USART.STATUS are read-only.
  • Interrupt RXC is shared between RXCIE and ABEIE.
TWI - Two-Wire Interface
  • Supports Fm+ at 1MHz.
  • No bridge mode supported.
CRCSCAN - Cyclic Redundancy Check Memory Scan
  • Features CRC-16-CCIT.
CCL - Configurable Custom Logic
  • LUT Control register name pattern is 'CCL.LUTnCTRLx'.
  • Signal names updated.
  • CCL.LUTCTRLBn: Description for INSEL1 updated.
ADC - Analog-to-Digital Converter
  • Free-running mode not available.
  • SAMCAP=1 in ADC.CTRLC reduces sampling capacitance.
  • Bit field at ADC.CTRLD[7:5] is INITDLY.
  • Register at 0x05 is called ADC.SAMPCTRL.
  • Register at 0x0C is called ADC.DBGCTRL.
  • Invalid register bits removed.
DAC- Digital-to-Analog Converter
  • Signal name is OUT.
AC - Analog Comparator
  • Inputs have name pattern 'AINxn'.
  • Band gap-derived DAC and AC voltage reference from VREF available as input.
  • Bit AC.CTRLA[3] is LPMODE (Low Power Mode).
UPDI - Unified Program and Debug Interface
  • Abbreviation UPDI.
  • Invalid register bits hidden.
  • Output Enable Timer Protection for GPIO Configuration is 8.8ms.
  • UPDI clock adjusted by UPDICLKSEL in UPDI.ASI_CTRLA.
  • Register Description: ranges for physical configuration registers and ASI level registers updated.
  • CS address block notation updated.
Electrical Characteristics
  • Updated/expanded:
    • General Operating Ratings
    • Voltage Protection
  • Added:
    • Power Consumption
    • Wake-Up Time
    • Peripherals Power Consumption
    • RESET
    • Oscillators and Clocks
    • I/O Pin Characteristics
    • Bandgap and VREF
    • DAC, ADC, AC
Typical Characteristics
  • Power Consumption plots updated and expanded.
  • New sections added: GPIO, VREF, BOD, ADC, AC OSC20M, OSCULP32K.

Obsolete Publication 42721A - 09/2016

Section Changes
Document Initial Release