Design Considerations

The SmartFusion2/IGLOO2 devices support various high-speed interfaces using both double data rate input/output (DDRIO) and SerDes I/O. DDRIO is a multi-standard I/O optimized for low-power DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 performance. SerDes I/O are dedicated to high-speed serial communication protocols. The SerDes I/O supports protocols such as PCI Express 2.0, 10 Gbps attachment unit interface (XAUI), serial gigabit media independent interface (SGMII), JESD204B, and user-defined high-speed serial protocol implementation in fabric.

Routing high-speed serial data over a PCB is a challenge as losses, dispersion, and crosstalk effects increase with speed. Channel losses and crosstalk decrease the signal-to-noise ratio and limit the data rate on the channel.