SAM V71 Xplained Ultra

Xplained Pro LCD Extension Connector

The LCD connector provides the ability to connect to display extensions that have a parallel interface. The connector implements signals for a MCU parallel bus interface and a LCD controller interface as well as signals for a touch controller. The connector pin-out definition is shown in Table 1. Note that usually only one display interface is implemented, either the LCD controller or the MCU bus interface.

A FPC/FFC connector with 50 pins and 0.5mm pitch is used for the LCD connector. The connector XF2M-5015-1A from Omron is used on several Xplained Pro designs and can be used as a reference.

Table 1. Xplained Pro LCD Connector
Pin number Name RGB interface description MCU interface description
1 ID Communication line to the ID chip on an extension board
2 GND Ground
3 D0 Data line
4 D1 Data line
5 D2 Data line
6 D3 Data line
7 GND Ground
8 D4 Data line
9 D5 Data line
10 D6 Data line
11 D7 Data line
12 GND Ground
13 D8 Data line
14 D9 Data line
15 D10 Data line
16 D11 Data line
17 GND Ground
18 D12 Data line
19 D13 Data line
20 D14 Data line
21 D15 Data line
22 GND Ground
23 D16 Data line
24 D17 Data line
25 D18 Data line
26 D19 Data line
27 GND Ground
28 D20 Data line
29 D21 Data line
30 D22 Data line
31 D23 Data line
32 GND Ground
33 PCLK / CMD DATA SEL Pixel clock Display RAM select. One address line of the MCU for displays where it is possible to select either register or data interface.
34 VSYNC / CS Vertical Synchronization Chip select
35 HSYNC / WE Horizontal Synchronization Write enable signal
36 DATA ENABLE / RE Data enable signal Read enable signal
37 SPI SCK Clock for serial peripheral interface
38 SPI MOSI Master out slave in of serial peripheral interface
39 SPI MISO Master in slave out of serial peripheral interface
40 SPI SS Slave select for serial peripheral interface. Preferably a dedicated pin.
41 ENABLE Display enable
42 I2C SDA I2C data
43 I2C SCL I2C clock
44 IRQ1 Interrupt 1
45 IRQ2 Interrupt 2
46 PWM Backlight control
47 RESET Extension reset
48 VCC 3.3V power supply for extension board
49 VCC 3.3V power supply for extension board
50 GND Ground