ADC Window Compare

In this use case, ADC runs in Window Compare mode. The ADC can raise a flag (ADC_INTFLAG.WCOMP) and request an interrupt (WCOMP) when the result of a conversion is above and/or below certain thresholds. There are four threshold mode options:
In this use case, the result below window option is chosen. This use case runs by configuring the EXAMPLE_CODE definition to WINDOW_COMPARATOR_MODE in main.c as:

The ADC is set in Free-Running mode. LED0 is turned ON when the function ‘ADC_0_get_window_result()’ returns true, meaning the ADC result is under the window threshold value and the Interrupt Flag bit of the Windows Compare mode is set. Otherwise, LED0 is kept OFF. The calculated voltage is then printed through the USART to the terminal when a conversion is completed.