Request a Quote for Standard and Non-Standard Pricing

Following are the two types of quotes.

Quote for Standard Price

Quote for Non-Standard Price

If the user needs a discount for Libero and paid DirectCore IP license order for larger quantity (more than ten licenses at a time), can raise a quote with a target price. These quotes must be raised on exception cases only.

The following process describes how to raise quotes for standard and non-standard price.
  1. 1.Click Request Quote for Large Quantity available under Request Large Volume Pricing menu on microchipDirect or microchipDirect Quote Request.
    Figure 1. Request a Quote Using microchipDIRECT
  2. 2.Provide the required information in the High-Volume Quote Request form and click Submit Request.
    Note: The comments section must be filled with the purpose of the quote.
    Figure 2. Request Form to Raise a Quote
    Note: Once you submit the request, it takes up to two business days to approve the quote.
    Figure 3. Notification Message After Raising a Quote
  3. 3.Click Check Quote Status/Place Order under Request Large Volume Pricing menu or click microchipDirect Quote Request for updates on the status of your request.
    Figure 4. Verify Quote Status/Place Order Option
    Note: If the Status is Ready, then the quote is approved.
  4. 4.
    Figure 5. Verify Status of the Quote
  5. 5.Click Ordering Options and enter the quantity or number of seats based on the approved quote, then click Add to Cart to go to the shopping cart.
    Figure 6. Order a Part and Quantity Based on Approved Quote
  6. 6.Validate Shopping Cart and note the Quote Number, apply quote and Proceed to Secure Checkout for payment. The following figure shows the part number and field to apply quote. Once you apply quote number, the price automatically changes to the discounted or approved price.
    Figure 7. Shopping Cart View Before Applying Quote
  7. 7.Verify the following figure to see the difference in price after applying quote. You will not see price changes if the quote is a standard quote (list price). If the quote is approved for a discounted price, your will see the difference in pricing.
    Figure 8. Shopping Cart View After Applying Quote
  8. 8.If you have a purchase order, you can use the number with your approved credit line and receive an invoice within 30 days. Verify the other payment methods allowed by microchipDirect.
    Figure 9. Payment Methods
  9. 9.Once the payment is successful, you will receive a Libero Software or DirectCore IP license Software ID letter (if you order a new license) or a license file (if you order a renewal or incremental license) to the microchipDIRECT portal registered email ID of the original license. If you have any queries, create a technical support case through