11.2 CI/CD Wizard

Note: This content is also in the CI/CD Wizard in MPLAB X IDE User Guide (DS-50003243).

The MPLAB X IDE CI/CD Wizard helps you set up an automated build and test pipeline tailored to your MPLAB X IDE project.

CI/CD Requirements

The CI/CD Wizard is a feature of MPLAB X IDE, so the requirements found in Release Notes for MPLAB X IDE apply. In addition:

  • An MPLAB XC Workstation or Network Server license is needed to enable the CI/CD Wizard for script generation.
  • An MPLAB XC Network Sever license will be required to build your projects with PRO optimization levels in a generated Docker container.
  • If you are using a virtual machine network license, ensure that this license and any Microchip Network Server licenses are placed in the same folder.
  • If using the Jenkins Pipeline:
    • The MISRA Check (Static Code Analysis) and MPLAB Code Coverage (Hardware Testing) tools will require MPLAB X IDE v6.00 (or later) and an MPLAB Analysis Tool Suite Network Server license for tool execution in a generated Docker container.
    • Hardware Testing will require a tool with networking capabilities which includes:
  • To use Jenkins and/or Docker, you will need to install these applications. For addition requirements when using Jenkins, see Prerequisites.
    Note: MPLAB X IDE CI/CD Wizard output execution relies on the third-party applications Jenkins and Docker. For issues with these tools, please see the corresponding website for support.

CI/CD Standard Use

The standard operating system used with Jenkins-Docker or Docker is Linux OS, and for the CI/CD Wizard output is specifically Debian Linux. To use other operating systems, please refer to the documentation for Jenkins and Docker. For example: