7.1 Peripheral Address Map

The address map shows the base address for each peripheral. For a complete register description and summary for each peripheral, refer to the respective sections.

Table 7-1. Peripheral Address Map
Base Address Name Description
0x0000 VPORTA Virtual Port A
0x0004 VPORTB Virtual Port B
0x0008 VPORTC Virtual Port C(1)
0x001C GPIO General Purpose I/O registers
0x0030 CPU CPU
0x0040 RSTCTRL Reset Controller
0x0050 SLPCTRL Sleep Controller
0x0060 CLKCTRL Clock Controller
0x0080 BOD Brown-out Detector
0x00A0 VREF Voltage Reference
0x0100 WDT Watchdog Timer
0x0110 CPUINT Interrupt Controller
0x0120 CRCSCAN Cyclic Redundancy Check Memory Scan
0x0140 RTC Real-Time Counter
0x0180 EVSYS Event System
0x01C0 CCL Configurable Custom Logic
0x0200 PORTMUX Port Multiplexer
0x0400 PORTA Port A Configuration
0x0420 PORTB Port B Configuration
0x0440 PORTC Port C Configuration(1)
0x0600 ADC0 Analog-to-Digital Converter 0/Peripheral Touch Controller
0x0670 AC0 Analog Comparator 0
0x0680 DAC0 Digital-to-Analog Converter 0
0x0800 USART0 Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter 0
0x0810 TWI0 Two-Wire Interface 0
0x0820 SPI0 Serial Peripheral Interface 0
0x0A00 TCA0 Timer/Counter Type A 0
0x0A40 TCB0 Timer/Counter Type B 0
0x0A80 TCD0 Timer/Counter Type D 0
0x0F00 SYSCFG System Configuration
0x1000 NVMCTRL Nonvolatile Memory Controller
0x1100 SIGROW Signature Row
0x1280 FUSES Device-specific fuses
0x1300 USERROW User Row
  1. The availability of this register depends on the device pin count. PORTC/VPORTC is available for devices with 20 pins or more.