Device Data Sheet Reference

This application note describes the ATmega88's ADC module. The operation of on-chip ADC on different megaAVR devices are almost similar. Refer the respective device data sheet for more details. For example, some megaAVR device variants (such as ATmega48P) have on-chip temperature sensor as one of the ADC input, some devices have differential ADC channels with configurable gains and 2.56V internal voltage reference (such as ATmega2560), some devices support high ADC speed such as 125 ksps (like AT90PWM1). Refer to data sheet section Analog to Digital Converter for detailed information on the ADC of the specific device.

Data sheet section 'Electrical Characteristics → ADC Characteristics, Electrical Characteristics → System and Reset Characteristics contains ADC related characterization data such as INL, DNL, absolute accuracy, conversion time, offset error, gain error, input resistance, band gap reference start-up time, etc.

Data sheet section Errata contains information about any known ADC related errata for a device. If there are any erratas which have a workaround mentioned, ensure that the workarounds have been implemented.