28.1 Features

  • Glue logic for general purpose PCB design
  • Up to two Programmable LookUp Tables LUT[1:0]
  • Combinatorial Logic Functions: Any logic expression which is a function of up to three inputs.
  • Sequential Logic Functions:

    Gated D Flip-Flop, JK Flip-Flop, gated D Latch, RS Latch

  • Flexible Lookup Table Inputs Selection:
    • I/Os
    • Events
    • Subsequent LUT Output
    • Internal Peripherals
      • Analog Comparator
      • Timer/Counters
      • USART
      • SPI
  • Clocked by system clock or other peripherals
  • Output can be connected to IO pins or Event System
  • Optional synchronizer, filter, or edge detector available on each LUT output