41.1 Rev.B - 03/2017

Section Changes
Document Editorial updates.
6.8 FUSES - Configuration and User Fuses
  • Factory default values updated.
1.1 Configuration Summary
  • Number of PTC channels corrected.
  • CCP register: Configuration Change Protection released for four CPU instructions.
14 EVSYS - Event System
  • EVSYS.ASYNCUSER: Users added
NVMCTRL - Non Volatile Memory Controller
  • Bit fields in NVMCTRL.STATUS are read-only.
24 USART - Universal Synchronous and Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter
  • USART.STATUS flag RXCIF not cleared by writing to it.
32 PTC - Peripheral Touch Controller
  • Driven Shield function provided through X/Y pins.
  • QTouch Library usage through Atmel|START.