15.1 NetBeans Specific Windows and Window Menus

NetBeans windows are discussed in NetBeans help or web documentation (see either About This Help File or Preface). To open help about a window, click on the window tab to select it and then hit the F1 key. If no help can be found, select Help > Online Help Contents and click the help file’s Search tab to search for information on that window, or see the table of contents for the NetBeans help topic Managing IDE Windows.

To open most windows, see the 13.1.11 Window Menu.

Windows may be docked and undocked (right click on the window tab) and have window-specific pop-up, or context, menus with items such as:
  • Fill
  • Goto
  • Edit Cells
Right clicking in a window or on an item in the window will pop up a context menu. Most content menu items are also located on menus on the desktop menu bar (see 13.1 Menus).

Set up window properties by selecting Tools > Options (MPLAB X IDE > Preferences for macOS), Miscellaneous > Appearance.