10.2 Stack Guidance

MPLAB XC C compilers provide a feature called 'Stack Usage Guidance'. This is a compile-time static analysis of the executable meant to guide you to an appropriate worst-case stack usage requirement. This guidance may need to be tempered with other facts that cannot be determined by a static analysis.

Support for Stack Guidance begins with these versions:

  • MPLAB X IDE v5.50
  • MPLAB XC8 v2.32
  • MPLAB XC16 v1.70
  • MPLAB XC-DSC v3.00
  • MPLAB XC32 v3.00

This feature requires a 'PRO' compiler license. When enabled, the compiler will provide some additional information pertaining to the linked executable to the terminal or Output window of MPLAB X IDE. Additionally, if a 'map' file is being specified, the language tool will emit more detailed information to the .map file for a permanent record.

Find more information on this feature in each compiler user’s guide.