16.7.4 Interrupt Flags

Offset: 0x03
Reset: 0x00
Property: -

Access to the Virtual PORT registers has the same outcome as access to the regular registers but allows for memory specific instructions, such as bit manipulation instructions, which cannot be used in the extended I/O Register space where the regular PORT registers reside.

Bit 76543210 
Reset 00000000 

Bits 7:0 – INT[7:0] Pin Interrupt Flag

Pin interrupt flag n is cleared by writing a ‘1’ to it.

Pin interrupt flag n is set when the change or state of pin n (Pxn) matches the pin's Input/Sense Configuration (ISC) in PORTx.PINnCTRL.

Writing a ‘0’ to bit n in this bit field has no effect.

Writing a ‘1’ to bit n in this bit field will clear Pin interrupt flag n.