Complex Conjugate Matching

The complex conjugate matching is similar to the load matching to system impedance except that the target impedance can be at any point in the Smith Chart. The target point in the Smith Chart is defined by the source impedance and is calculated by Zs=(R+jX)Ω . The target point for the transformation from ZL must be the complex conjugate defined by Zs*=(RjX)Ω . The imaginary part of the impedance is eliminated and the real part remains. As the impedance is not 50Ω, it must be verified if the target impedance can be reached with the selected matching network. The losses are increased and the performance is deteriorated if the complex conjugate matching results in a mismatch of the real impedance. The following figure shows an example of such a complex conjugate matching.
Figure 1. Application Example Complex Conjugate Matching