JTAG/SWD Interface

The PIC32CXMTSH-DB board includes a SWD (Serial Wire Debug)/JTAG interface port to provide debug level access to the system-on-chip. It also embeds a serial wire trace. This connector provides the required interface for in-circuit emulators, such as the Microchip J-32 Debug Probe, J-Link Debug Probe, ®TMMPLABPICKit4 or the ®MPLABICD 4 (the Debugger Adapter Board is necessary for the MPLAB In-Circuit Debuggers) supporting the connected PIC32CXMTSH device. The SW-DP/JTAG port is a 10-pin, dual-row, 0.05-inch male connector (J17). To use an in-circuit emulator with 20-pin JTAG port, the JTAG adapter for 20 to 10 pins included in the kit may be required.

Refer to the PIC32CXMTSH Data Sheet for a further description of the SWD debug port.
Figure 1. SWD Connection Schematic
Warning: The board is not isolated from mains, so it is very important to provide proper isolation when using the SWD interface with an external probe. See the next paragraph for more information.
In-circuit emulator connection scheme:
Figure 2. J-32 Debug Probe Connection Scheme (Mains Source)
Figure 3. J-32 Debug Probe Connection Scheme (ACDC Wall Adapter Source)
Attention: Note that neither the in-circuit emulator nor the USB isolator are included in the PIC32CXMTSH-DB kit.