QSPI Flash Memory

The PIC32CXMTSH-DB board features one Quad Serial Peripheral Interface (QSPI) 16-Mbit Flash memory SST26VF016B, U10. The SST26VF016B SQI Flash device utilizes a 4-bit multiplexed I/O serial interface to boost performance at low power while maintaining full command-set compatibility to traditional Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) protocols. For more information about SST26VF016B, refer to the SST26VF016B product webpage.

The QSPI bus is a synchronous serial data link that provides communication with external devices in Host mode. The QSPI can be used in SPI mode to interface with serial peripherals (such as ADCs, DACs, LCD controllers, CAN controllers and sensors) or in Serial Memory mode to interface with serial Flash memories. With the support of the Quad SPI protocol, the QSPI allows the system to use high-performance serial Flash memories, which are small and inexpensive, instead of larger and more expensive parallel Flash memories.

Figure 1. QSPI Flash Memory Schematic